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The idea

All good ideas arrive by chance. My “chance” arrived some days after I lost my job, a boring routine that kept my days busy for over 12 years. How many times did I think about quitting ...
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My passion

My favourite toys were liliputian pots and pans in which I imagined to cook delicious food. When I was around 14 years old, I started to cook with real ingredients, inspired by a cookbook by Ugo Tognazzi ...
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Let's cook together

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Salento food

The time we spend together is not a simple “cooking class”, but an experience, a memory to take back home. This is the reason why I chose to cook in my home: my guests are not tourists, but friends that I am happy to meet and to share an experience with. . Read more

Together in Salento

You will be my guests, in Poggiardo, a nice little town in the southeastern part of the Salentine Peninsula, at only 8 km from the sea and 40 km from Lecce. We can stay a half day together and spend that time by preparing a menu, which we can decide before your arrival. Read more

Natural taste

We let ourselves be inspired by the products that the season of the year offers and l will do my best to select the best ingredients, with zero food miles: vegetables, local dairy products and meat and fresh fish. If you like fish, we can buy it at the local market. If you prefer vegetarian food, we will rely on the recipes of the Apulian tradition, a simple peasant cuisine whose main ingredients are seasonal vegetables, legumes, cereals and of course pasta and bread (with flour from local wheats). Essential is the use of extra-virgin olive oil. Read more

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